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Bacon Soda

Everyone Loves Bacon Soda!

Bacon SodaBacon Soda

Bacon Soda

Everyone Loves Bacon! Except if you don’t eat meat… then Mostly Everyone Loves Bacon!  And most people love Soda, Pop, Carbonated Beverages, or what ever you call it in you part of the world.

When I was growing up I used to drink a local pop from a company in Edmonton, Alberta, called Happy Pop!  It was The Best!  You would pay for the deposit on the glass bottles and the crate and you could choose from a multitude of different flavours.  At that time my favourite was their Cream Soda!  Now I think it would be too sweet for my taste buds,  I might prefer a meatier flavour today.

Now it seems like most of the small independent companies have all but disappeared.  So it is refreshing to find some new and exotic flavours out there from an independent.  So when looking for something new and exotic why not try a Bacon Soda?  That’s right have the most wonderful flavour of meat turned into a soda pop!

I know what you are thinking ‘I must have died and went to Heaven!’  Well luckily you are still alive and Bacon Soda is Real!

The next thing you are thinking is ‘How do I get some of this delicious Bacon Flavoured Goodness?’ Well you can check out the link that leads to Amazon!

What does Bacon Soda really taste like?

I found a video on youtube that will answer your question.

As you can clearly see it tastes AMAZING!!!  Ok, so maybe this was a bad idea after all.  So maybe it will make a great gift for someone else rather than for yourself!

It is always good to support the underdogs and when they sell bacon flavoured drinks that’s even a better reason to support them!  So why not have a cool refreshing bottle of Bacon Soda!  And if you combine this with the BeerPager you will get Ultimate Level of Cool Points from your friends!

Bacon Soda

Bacon Soda This is not your typical Soda! This is what you get when you mix the worlds Tastiest Meat (bacon) with the wonderful beverage called soda!

We all want to have the best of both worlds, now you can! No need to Eat Bacon and Drink Soda separately any more. With Bacon Soda you can Drink your Bacon!

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It's liquid, carbonated, a little sweet, and tastes like bacon! Forget those fruity sodas. We bring you a meat soda: Bacon Soda! And you?re thinking, "That's just pure madness!" But no, it's really not. It's genius. Genius, we tell ya! Pure mad genius! Ah hahaha! Whoa... did we just see a flash of lightening? Odd... Well, we know some of you have heard of this soda and thought it was a myth. Others have tried the imposter bacon soda. (Imposter because it wasn't made by serious bacon lovers). This soda was cleverly crafted to not only taste like bacon, but be something you would actually want to drink! (Unlike the other sodas.) And if you like the Man Bait Maple Bacon Lollipops, then you will love this soda! It's a mad marriage of sugar and bacon. Cheers!
Bacon Soda


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