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Amazing Things For Sale

Amazing Things For Sale started as I was reading a blog post about awesome things.  The people who commented wanted to find out more about the things in the pictures, like where they could buy them.    So I decided to start up a site dedicated to finding Amazing Things For Sale.

Who am I?  My name is Glen Ogden, I am from Canada, but I am currently living in Japan and teaching English here.  Mostly spoken and natural English, not spelling and grammar so if I make some of those mistakes it just means that I am human (or tired at the time of writing).   I studied “Globalization and Development” at the University of Alberta’s Augustana faculty.  While studying I went to Mexico and Cuba for one semester each and India for one month through different programs offered at the University.

So what does teaching English is Japan really mean, it means that I go to a few classes a day to entertain kids in English.  I choose to entertain rather than teach because I want the kids to want to learn English, so they naturally teach themselves.  What this does is it also makes teaching them very easy since they are already excited to learn.  This also frees up a lot of my time, since I only have a few classes a day.  I don’t have to think too hard to create my lesson plans so I am usually just sitting at the computer at work surfing the internet most of the day.  Since I am on the internet anyway I figured I might as well do something useful with my time so I decided to start a website.  To find out why I chose the topic of Amazing Things For Sale read The Start of Something Amazing.

I will monetize this site with the help of affiliate programs, Amazon, and advertisements, but I don’t want my content to be solely based on greed, I want to add some quality content to these pages along with the option to BUY NOW! I really appreciate user feedback so fill out a survey, leave a comment, or leave me a message while you are here, all of your input is very appreciated.

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