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Crystal Skull Shot Glass

Fred and Friends Doomed: ‘Crystal Skull’ Shotglass

Crystal Skull Shot Glass

Crystal Skull Shot GlassBefore Indiana Jones went on a Hollywood adventure to find some crystal skulls there were the real crystal skulls that helped inspire the story.  The real crystal skulls are surrounded by mystery and controversy.  The skulls  are claimed to be pre-Columbian from Latin America, after their discoveries, surviving Mayans said that the crystal skulls were used by high priest to will death.  Because of these rumours a crystal skull is sometimes referred to as “The Skull of Doom”.

There have been a few famous crystal skulls out there, one of the most famous was discovered in 1924 by Anna Le Guillon Mitchell-Hedges, she was the adopted daughter of British adventurer and popular author F.A. Mitchell-Hedges.  She claimed to have found it while in Lubaantun, in British Honduras, now known as Belize.  After her death the skull was examined in detail by Jane MacLaren Walsh, from the Smithsonian in 2007 and 2008.  After scanning it with an electron microscope, Walsh discovered that the skull was carved with a high speed, hard metal rotary tool coated with a hard abrasive such as diamond.

Either the pre-Columbian artisans had access to such tools, or the skull was a fake.  In fact all of the skulls that have been examined in museums have had evidence of modern tools and have been dated to the 18th or 19th centuries.  Also since no crystal skulls were found at documented archaeological digs there is doubt in the scientific community of the the skulls having any pre-Columbian origins at all.

They might not all be fakes!

Just because all of the skulls that have been examined by experts turned out to be of modern origin, it doesn’t mean that there are no authentic crystal skulls.  After all the Mayans have “The Skull of Doom” legend.  So for those believers out there there is still hope.  After all there must be an original for there to be forgeries.

If you believe that there are mystical powers associated with the skulls or if you believe they are a nice part of modern history, you must admit they are pretty cool.  They have inspired may books, plays, and movies, they help keep a sense of adventure in our imaginations!  They also play a part in the New Age movement with their claims of predicting the future, curing cancer, or willing death.

They have also inspired modern art and design like “Fred and Friends Doomed: ‘Crystal Skull’ Shot glass“.  This is a cool inverted crystal skull shot glass that will definitely be a conversation piece!  This is a definite must for your next Pirate themed Party! 

Check out the different skull shaped shot glasses and skull shaped glasses that will make people think you are even more awesome then you already are!

‘Crystal Skull’ Shotglass

‘Crystal Skull’ Shotglass Fred and Friends Doomed: 'Crystal Skull' Shotglass: The crystal skull shot glass.

This is an Amazing Gift for someone who likes Cool Things! It is a novelty item for you to show off, but it isn't really designed for hardcore drinking, so keep that in mind!

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I bought two of these as Christmas gifts (I know, but I prefer to have all that done EARLY)for a couple of fellow riders who love skull stuff. I am considering buying a few more as I love the look of them.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Fred and Friends Doomed: 'Crystal Skull' Shotglass
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