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Dinosaur Train Toys

Kids Love Dinosaurs and Kids Love Trains

Dinosaur Train InterAction Arnie Argentinosaurus

As someone who works with Kids I know that they Love Dinosaurs.  It doesn’t matter what country they live in either, it is a global phenomenon.  I remember when I was young I loved dinosaurs too but I also liked trains, so what happens when you mix the two together?  You get a Dinosaur Train!

When I was growing up I also loved the work of Jim Henson!  So what happens when you mix Dinosaurs, Trains, Jim Henson, and PBS?  You get a show that teaches kids about scientific thinking, life sciences, natural history, and palaeontology.

Sure having smart kids is Great, but I want smart kids that interact with Robot Dinosaurs!

Have you ever had to ask yourself “Why didn’t we have these kinds of toys when I was a kid?”  These Toys are fun interactive little robots that interact with each other.

Even Adults love the Dinosaur Train toys.

It is easy to see how these Toys are so Amazing!  I would have loved these kinds of things when I was younger!  At a press of a button each Dinosaur does a unique action and each Dinosaur has unique things to say.  But the best part is when you put a them next to each other they have unique dialogue with each other!  How Cool is That?

Dinosaur Train - InterAction Toys

Dinosaur Train - InterAction Buddy

Buddy T-Rex InterAction Figure is based on the iconic main character from Jim Henson’s Dinosaur Train television series. SmartTalk technology gives Buddy the ability to recognize and interact with other dinosaurs in the line. Press his button, and as he shares tons of fun dino data. Interactive chomping and sneezing sounds are triggered in Buddy’s mouth, on his forehead, and on his nose: and when Buddy walks on the ground, he makes huge stomping sounds. Buddy features a fully poseable head, legs, arms, and tail. It’s truly an interactive dinosaur experience.

Dinosaur Train InterAction Toys

Dinosaur Train InterAction Toys Based on the Jim Henson PBS show, the Tomy Dinosaur Train InterAction Arnie Argentinosaurus figure allows your child, age three years and up, to bring their favorite Dinosaur Train character to life. This battery-powered dinosaur figure stands over 12 inches tall, and features over 80 dinosaur sounds and phrases that kids can control via a junior conductor wristband. With the press of a button, Arnie Argentinosaurus can sing, talk, walk, rear back and stomp. Combine him with other InterAction figures (sold separately) to experience additional phrases and actions.
Use the Junior Conductor wristband to control Arnie the Argentinosaurus' movements. Watch as Arnie walks and stomps when you press the button. Dinosaur InterAction figures "move," speak and react to one another.Press the button to open his jaw and hear him talk and singOver 80 dino sounds and phrases when used with other Dinosaur Train InterAction figuresSmartTalk technology allows the InterAction figures to recognize each otherGather all your Dinosaur Train InterAction Figures and watch as they sing, talk and react with each otherSize: 20" L x 5" W x 12" HRequires 4 AA (included)Ages: 3+

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Bought for my grandson. Well made with great features. A brilliant gift for a 2 year old. He has had many hours amusement.
Well made, a very good purchase. Thank you



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