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Edible Food Paint

Looking for some Food Paint?

Wilton Gold MistWilton Gold Mist

My sister-in-law is really talented at making cakes.  She always makes the coolest cakes for my nephew’s birthdays!  I don’t know how she does it, she just has the skills to turn a plain old cake into something Awesome!  One year she made a dinosaur cake with edible dinosaurs and palm trees!  Another year she made a cake into a Farm with a tractor and silo on it!  I know that my nephew J.J. will grow up and remember the cakes of his childhood as being Edible Works of Art!

My Mom isn’t as talented as my sister-in-law, but I always looked forward to a birthday in the house, so we could eat the cake!  When I was a kid, my favourite cake was a Diary Queen Ice Cream Cake!  They were Amazing!  I haven’t had one of them in Years though  ( since I am currently living in Japan).  One of the cool things about the ice cream cake was the picture.  You Never just got a plain white cake, it always had a picture on it.

Some places have very fancy cakes that can print a picture on the cake!  But that requires fancy speciality equipment.  If you want some fancy cakes, cookies, and cupcakes you can always use some stencils and edible food paint!

The video uses Wilton Mist Food Spray and some stencils from a craft store to produce professional quality results!  It can literally be that easy to make your cookies, cupcakes, or cakes look professional!  One of the good things about Wilton Mist Food Spray is that it is super easy!  You will impress everyone since most people don’t even know that an edible food paint even exists!  

You probably already make Great cookies, cupcakes, and cakes, but with a simple spray from a can you can have Amazing cookies, cupcakes, and cakes!

Wilton Gold Color Mist,Kosher Certified

Wilton Gold Color Mist,Kosher Certified Wilton Gold Color Mist is easy to use and will allow you to highlight with the right amount of color No measuring necessary. Simply shake the Wilton Gold Color Mist and aim the can in the direction of the highlighted area and spray Wilton Mist provides vibrant color.

Decorator does not have to wait for spray to dry before moving on to other decorating. Certified kosher!

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Used the gold and pearl color mist over the holidays. Absolutely LOVE IT !!! For some reason, they work better than the regular, blue, pink, etc.... I stopped using those because they didn't spray evenly and the color ran. The gold & pearl doesn't do that. Wonderful product. Stocked up on them because they are affordable.


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