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Hello Kitty Kitchen

Make your Kitchen Cute with Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty KT5211 2-Slice Wide slot toaster with cool Touch Exterior

Hello Kitty Toaster

My girlfriend is one of those Girly-Girls that LOVES PINK things.  When she lived alone she had a very pink kitchen.  She has a pink Hello Kitty kitchen scale, a pink mini-fridge, and pink rice maker.  She loves pink things and she Loves Hello Kitty!  Since I am living in Japan, and she is a typical Japanese girl it really does make sense why she Loves Hello Kitty, Cute things, and the colour Pink.  If you have ever lived in Japan you would know that Hello Kitty is part of the Culture here… and one of the most commonly spoken words is“かわいい” (Kawaii) or “Cute”.

If she had her way everything in my place would be pink, cute, and I would have a Hello Kitty Kitchen.  When she bought a computer the only requirement was it had to be pink, and she uses a hart shaped Hello Kitty Mouse Pad.  So since Hello Kitty is such a Big Part of Japanese Culture I decided to do a post on the Hello Kitty Kitchen.

The first item for the kitchen would have to be the Hello Kitty Toaster!   It is the ultimate Cute Kitchen Appliance!  But it is also very practical.  It has several settings including defrost, reheat, and bagel.  Yes that’s right a Toaster With a Defrost setting!  This Cute toaster is also packed with Japanese technology after all so expect things like a defrost setting.

The drawback with eating Hello Kitty Toast is that you will have either an Un-Toasted centre on all of your bread or the picture won’t be strong enough to show up.  You will just have to play with the settings to get it just right.

Here are some of the things that you will need for your Hello Kitty Kitchen!

Hello Kitty toaster with cool Touch Exterior

Hello Kitty toaster with cool Touch Exterior If you think Hello Kitty is so cute that you just want to eat her up, go right ahead! This colorful 2-slot toaster browns Kitty's sweet face onto every slice of bread. The appliance features 7 shade settings and 4 toasting modes: bagel, defrost, reheat and cancel. Extra-wide slots let you warm thick slices, and a removable crumb tray makes cleanup easy. The decorative cool-touch exterior looks cheerful on your countertop, and has cord storage in the base.

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We purchased the toaster as a gift and are pleased with the item. The toast does not have the detailed print shown in the photo, however, there is a resemblance albeit faint. If you expect this fine detail, you will be disappointed.
Ellen M.

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