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Minecraft Shop

UPDATE!!! I Just added a NEW Amazing Minecraft Shop!

Minecraft Shop

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Amazing Things For Sale’s Minecraft Shop!

Minecraft PickaxeMinecraft Pickaxe

My friend Rob was telling me before about how he Loves the Game Minecraft!  He also wanted to see some Minecraft related stuff on this site.  So I decided to have a page called Minecraft Shop just for that purpose!

I guess I should go into a little bit into the history of Minecraft.

Minecraft started off as an independent game developed by Markus “Notch” Persson  and it was released to the public on May 17, 2009.   It was originally just available for the PC, but it eventually got support for other platforms notably Android and iOS in 2011.

Minecraft allows user to create what ever their minds can imagine in a retro 3D 8-bit style.  They can collaborate with other user or be the lone wolf in the world and be solo.  The survival mode adds a bit more challenge to the world just to make it even more interesting.  You can do crafting, hunting, and you can do some mining!

Check out this video to find out more about Minecraft and its history.  Even if you know everything about Minecraft it is still worth watching because it is very well done.

If you like Minecraft the game, then you will love to have some of the things from the game world in the real world!  That is where this page come in.  Video Games are Amazing, Minecraft is Amazing, your life will be Epically Amazing if you could have some of the in-game memorabilia in the out-of-game world!

Make Sure you Check Out the Minecraft Shop!!

Amazing Minecraft Shop


Minecraft Pickaxe

Minecraft Pickaxe You're in a meeting. You need to escape. You need your freedom! Sadly, escaping a meeting isn't the same as getting away from Zombies and Creepers. You can't just tunnel your way out... Or maybe you could if you just had the Minecraft Foam Pickaxe!Replicating the stone pickaxe from Minecraft (data value 274 to be precise), the Minecraft Foam Pickaxe is an officially licensed Minecraft product. Okay, so a foam pickaxe is probably not going to bash through solid rock (or even soggy drywall for that matter), but with this baby in your hand you'll feel like you can. And after all, isn't it more important to have the confidence that you could smash things when you're trapped in a room with crazy people?The Minecraft Foam Pickaxe is made from sturdy EVA foam, which means that unlike the stone pickaxe in the game, the Minecraft Foam Pickaxe will withstand far more than 132 uses. EVA makes the Minecraft Foam Pickaxe a sturdy tool, hefty yet with enough cushion that you'll feel comfortable bashing a wide variety of materials. And of course, this is an officially licensed Minecraft product, which means you're making Notch happy too.

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this is super awesome and looks exactly like the real thing, the foam isn"t easy to break (i've thrown it around for youtube vids) and its super fun to play with

So here is a list of the Minecraft Products in the Amazing Things For Sale Minecraft Shop!

Minecraft Pickaxe
Minecraft Sword
Minecraft Steve Vinyl 6" Limited Edition Figure
Minecraft Foam Sword & Pickaxe Combo Set Of 2
Minecraft Light-Up Redstone Ore Cube Night Light Display
Creeper Inspired Caution Sign
Minecraft Creeper Premium Zip-up Youth Hoodie
Minecraft Light-Up Torch
Minecraft Creeper Face Mug
Official Minecraft 12
Jinx Minecraft 6 Inch Vinyl Figure Creeper


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