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Pioneer DDJ-SX Digital Controller

One of the most Amazing DDJ Controllers in the World!

Pioneer DDJ-SX

 I Love music but I will be the first to admit that I don’t really know too much about mixing with something like this.  I do however have friends that I highly respect that do.  And so this is for all the DJs out there.

I remember seeing this a while ago on Gizmag and it impressed me.  When Pioneer designed the DDJ-SX they made it specifically for the pros!  It is a very impressive piece of technology that is built tough!  It was made to handle being on the road and for a price tag of over a grand it better be built to last!  This is designed to be handled rough with very durable construction and it is lightweight for easily carrying around to the clubs or any venue you get a gig for.

Unless you have a lot of money to burn I wouldn’t recommend getting this except if you are serious about your craft, your music, and getting paid for what you love to do! 


For your Entertainment here is DJ Yoda doing a Demo of the Pioneer DDJ-SX


Sorry that song had nothing to do with System of a Down, but it was still a good example of the use of the controller.

The Features

The Pioneer DDJ-SX was developed with specifically for and with Serato.  They worked together to make everything perfect from the trigger pads to the controls everything on the DDJ-SX is integrated with Serato. It sports oversized Jog Wheels for precise scratches and mixes.  The Duel Decks has the ability to set eight different hot queues each.  It also has Slip Mode for better control of your music.  The Controller features single or multiple FX mode, Four Channel output with multiple inputs.

  • Industry’s first 4-channel performance DJ controller/mixer for Serato DJ software
  • Performance DJ controller with pro-level build quality
  • Oversize jog wheels featuring CDJ-type on jog display
  • 8 soft-touch rubber controller/trigger pads per deck for loop/sample
  • Includes Serato DJ software featuring 4 decks, dual deck control, slip mode, sync-able sampler and high-quality FX. Can be used as a standalone 4-channel mixer to connect CDJs and/or turntables


Pioneer DDJ SX is the ultimate, high quality product!

I run a mobile dj business and own the NS7FX, NS6, DDJ-S1, and Traktor S4. This controller is my top pick, hands down…I love it and will be picking up several more for my other djs to use. Im sure a traktor version is in the works. It’s the new king!



Pioneer DDJ Series DDJ-SX

Pioneer DDJ Series DDJ-SX Pioneer's DDJ-SX DJ Controller utilizes the Serato software as the basis for its control layout and ergonomic design, taking advantage of the software's features and integrating special trigger pads and controls. Pioneer has also implemented larger jog wheels for precise mixing and scratching, multiple inputs for expandability, and 4-channel mixing flexibility.

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Really suprised and happy over all with this unit, researched alot before pulling the trigger, happy I did. Super sturdy, clean apperance, durable. DJs super cleanly with serato. Used to using 1200, and cdj's. If you really want to scratch stick to turtables though


Pioneer DDJ Series DDJ-SX Digital
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