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Roku 3 Streaming Video Player

Roku 3 allows you to watch Streaming Movies on your TV!

Roku 3 Streaming Player

Roku 3 Streaming Player

Want to Watch Streaming Videos on your TV?

Lots of people want to cut the cable but still enjoy watching their favourite programs.  With high speed internet so common these days it is no wonder that a lot of people have started Streaming Movies, TV shows, and Videos on their computer!

In 2007 Netflix did something Revolutionary, they started a Premium Streaming Movie Service allowing their users to watch select Movies and TV shows directly on their computers!  Then soon after Hulu would follow, bringing the Latest TV shows to the internet! As the streaming media exploded in popularity so did the demand for new ways to access it!  The Next natural step of Entertainment Evolution would be the Streaming Box or Streaming Player!

What is a Steaming Player?

Usually there are limitations to just streaming Movies and TV shows on your computer, one of the biggest is the size of your screen!  Unless you have your computer hooked up to Projector you probably can’t watch your favourite show with the whole family.  Also since the invention of the remote control we have become used to using one when watching TV.  It is convenient to just use the remote to change the channel, change the volume, or turn on/off your Devices!

That is where a Streaming Player comes in!  It allows you to connect you TV to the internet so you can access online services, both free and premium.  It is WAY BETTER than your Cable since it allows you to watch WAY MORE channels, plus it gives you access to Streaming Music as well!

There are several different Streaming Players out there that you can choose from like WD TV, Apple TV, Google TV and Boxee Box.  But the most Popular Streaming Players are made by Roku!  They were the first to offer Netflix streaming service and they have expanded to offer a LOT of services!

The Roku 3 Streaming Video Player is a POWER HOUSE in the world of Streaming Video Players!

  • Over 150,000 movies and TV shows at your fingertips from Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, VUDU and more
  • 750+ channels and growing. The best selection of streaming out there. Everything from Netflix to Hulu Plus to HBO GO to Major League Baseball
  • Music from Amazon Cloud Player, Spotify, Pandora, MOG, Rdio, Vevo and TuneIn
  • Live sports packages including NBA League Pass Broadband, NHL GameCenter LIVE, MLS LIVE, UFCTV, and MLB.TV Premium
  • Family entertainment from PBS and Disney
  • Photo and video sharing via Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa
  • Top news sources with MSNBC, Fox News, Huffington Post, CNBC and WSJ
  • Faster and more powerful. With up to 1080p HD video and extended-range, dual-band wireless performance for increased speed
  • Amazing remote with headphone jack. Use the included in-ear headphones to crank up that late-night flick while the kids (or parents) sleep
  • Free iOS and Android device app. Use it like a remote. Browse and add new channels. Even stream your music and photos from your phone or tablet to your HDTV

It is super easy to set up as well!


One of the things that really makes the Roku 3 stand out is the Remote Control!

Remote Control with Headphones

Roku 3 Streaming Player

When you need to keep the volume down but still get your TV fix, Roku 3 features an enhanced remote with built-in headphone jack. Just plug in the included in-ear headphones to enter your own private listening world. It’s perfect for cranking up that late-night action movie without waking the spouse. Or kids. Or dog.

And if you need a break from the movies you can always play games!  With motion-sensing technology, the Roku 3 enhanced remote with game-ready buttons was designed for lightning-fast maneuvers and family-friendly fun. Hit games include Angry Birds Space, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. Stay tuned – we’re adding more games all the time.

Roku 3 Streaming Player

Roku 3 Streaming Player A lot of people have cut the cord to the cable companies in the last few years, here is your chance to join them!

Why spend all that money on channels you never watch just because they come in a package for the One show you want to watch?

With the Roku 3 Streaming Player you have an amazing way to watch what you want, when you want, over the internet! Plus It plays Games!

This is a Hot Must Have Item that you should Buy Today!

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The Roku 3 is the best streaming-video box yet, with tons of content sources, lightning-fast performance, and an innovative remote with built-in headphone jack.


Roku 3 Streaming Player
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