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Giant Gummy Bear 5 Pounds

Giant Gummy Bear 5 Pounds These gummy behemoths are as sweet, soft, chewy and delicious as their lilliputian cousins except about a thousand times better because it's 5 pounds!! These Cherry flavored giant gummy bears are equivalent to 1400 little gummy bears. World's Largest Gummy Bears!TM are hand made by gummy artisans in the USA with the best ingredients and are gluten-free. Net wt. 5lbs

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I got this as a birthday present for my dad, and they came in perfect time and looked just like the pictures on the website. When he tried them, my dad said they tasted exactly like the little gummy bears--except there was a reason they didn't make gummy bears this big all the time. I think they were a tad overwhelming, but hey, that's what I wanted with this gift!

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