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Solar Water Thermos

SunKettle Solar Water Thermos


Sun Kettle Solar Water ThermosSun Kettle Solar Water Thermos


Sun Kettle Solar Thermos

I love camping, snowboarding, hiking in the mountains, and even hitchhiking.  I also know that you don’t always have access to electricity when you are out in the wilderness or on the road.  It may also be impossible to start a fire where you are leaving you with little opportunity for a cup of coffee or tea.  This is where a Solar Water Thermos come in very handy.

Back when I was 21 I ventured off on an Amazing Adventure by myself.  I started off at Campbell River on Vancouver Island in B.C. Canada where I hitchhiked to Salt Spring Island and then eventually to the mainland and landed in Vancouver.  I met may interesting people along the way, and I had a great time.  I packed a tent, sleeping bag, a few changes of clothes and that was about it.

I spent the day time hitchhiking and the night time was spent in a tent off in the woods I didn’t really have to worry about food or water since I was always close enough to a town.  After reaching Vancouver I hopped on a Bus and headed down to Federal Way Washington.  When I arrived I was greeted by a distant family member and handed the keys to a car and I was told to “Have Fun, make sure you see the Oregon Coast.”

I took that car all the way down to L.A. California! One of the stops I made along the way was by Coos Bay Oregon.  I ended up finding this spot that was off the beaten path that looked like an old unmaintained park.  I found a place with a fire pit next to a little pond and I set up camp for the night.

Oregon Sand DuneOregon Sand Dune

The next day I looked out towards the sea, it was just across a few sand dunes, I thought to myself “I’m going to go swimming!” Little did I know at the time those sand dunes were HUGE!!!!  I climbed over them, but I would take one step up and I would slide half a step down so it made the sand dunes seem twice as large as they really were.

It took me about 2 hours to reach the ocean! When I finally got there I was hungry and thirsty! After the eventual 2 hour walk back, I got some water from that pond that I was camping beside, made a make shift filter with a beans can, old sock, sand, and charcoal, started a fire at the fire pit, and after about half an hour I drank some really nasty tasting tea!

Oregon DunesOregon Dunes

That’s when I decided to pack up and drive to town! The first thing I bought was water, I bought two one-gallon jugs of it!

I wanted to stay at that sweet camping spot a little longer, but I was unprepared for something as essential as water.  If I had a Solar Water Thermos  I would have been able to easily use any water near by.  Bringing the water to a boil to kill any harmful bugs would have meant that I did not have to worry about driving into town just for water.

I was lucky because I had access to a car.  I but if I was in another situation where driving to a nearby store wasn’t an option then this Solar Water Thermos would be a Life Saver!  I can see this being useful in any emergency situation, from living in a city and the power going out for any extended period of time to snowboarding or skiing in the mountains and finding yourself in need of water.

If you know anyone that likes adventure this is the perfect gift.  If you want to have the ultimate water purifier in your emergency kit from your car to your home this is a well needed asset.  You really do need to Get One of  These Today!

Update: Here are some Videos of the Solar Sun Kettle in Action!

Sun Kettle Solar Water Thermos

Sun Kettle Solar Water Thermos This is an Amazing Device! It is a Solar Hot Water Heater! The best part is that it even works in cold/snowy/ windy conditions!

The secret is the Borosilicate glass vacuum tube that is used for the body or thermos which has a high heat-absorbing coating! It also has highly reflective Aluminized panels which help reflect more sunlight to the Vacuum Tube!

You will be surprised with the speed that it boils water! Perfect for the adventurous types who find themselves in a situation where they need to boil some questionable water!

This is also perfect for emergency situations! This requires nothing but water and sunlight, it is low maintenance, and easily deployable in any emergency situation!

Make sure you get yours TODAY Before You NEED IT!

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The Sun Kettle Solar Water Thermos is ideal for use while skiing, backpacking, fishing, camping, at the beach etc. And great for Emergency Preparedness situations.

The Solar Water Thermos has a capacity of just over two cups of water and can bring your water to a boil within a short amount of time on an ideal sunny day. Longer periods of course required on less than sunny days.


SunKettle Solar Water Thermos
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