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Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks

Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks!

Kotobukiya Star Wars Luke Skywalker and Darth Maul Lightsaber Chopsticks

Kotobukiya Star Wars Luke Skywalker and Darth Maul Lightsaber Chopsticks

For Christmas last year I went to a Secret Santa party, I drew the name of another English Teacher living in Japan. I was looking for an Amazing Gift for him. What I found was better then I could have hoped for!

I was shopping at a store in Asahikawa, Japan and I saw something Amazing! It was a pair of Light Saber Chopsticks! I know that Everyone loves Star Wars so when I saw these I knew he would love them!

The day of the Christmas Party I had these Amazing Star Wars Chopsticks placed carefully in a long gift bag. The Party was held at a bar called The Bridge in Furano, Japan, it started out with a pot luck Supper (or Dinner if you’re from America). The Food was Amazing! But I was waiting for the main event, the gift opening!

I wasn’t even excited about getting my gift, I was excited because I wanted to see Dave’s Reaction when he opened his present to find Lightsaber Chopsticks! I waited and watched his reaction and it was Priceless!

His Jaw Dropped! He looked around, saw me smile at his reaction and said “Did you buy these?”

Of course I said “yes”, and he responded “These are Amazing!”

After that it seemed like all the other foreigners in the bar were a little disappointed in their own gifts after seeing the Awesomeness of the Lightsaber Chopsticks!

So today when I was thinking of something that is Amazing, I was reminded of the Star Wars Chopsticks, and how Awesome they were.

Plus I know how everyone that saw them were like “That’s the coolest things ever! so I decided to feature them today.

I took a look for the Star Wars Chopsticks that I bought Dave for Christmas, but I couldn’t find the exact ones I gave him (they were Darth Vader ones).  I did find something just as cool… a two pack!

Kotobukiya Star Wars Luke Skywalker and Darth Maul Lightsaber Chopsticks

I know how his reaction was Epic, so I wanted to see what other people thought.  Checking the reviews at Amazon looked Awesome too!

Very intricate detailing. Definitely got a “whoa” and or a chuckle from a lot of people. The Maul chopsticks are just awesome. They magnetically link up at the base of the hilts to create his double saber! I have to agree with other reviewers that they can be a little slick for eating. However, if you are used to using plastic or ceramic chopsticks then they shouldn’t pose a problem. Only downside is that they’re handwash only.

They Do have an Amazing Cool Factor with them, maybe you just want them for your collection or conversation piece but if you really want to stand out in a crowd these are a perfect way of doing it.

When you pull these out at a resturant people often inquire. Everyone ends up asking where they can find a pair for themselves.


These are great gifts. They make wonderful décor or mini weapons for impromptu dinner table duels, but the “blades” are too smooth to get a good grip on rice or noodles (though they work on veggie and meat stir fry okay). They do, however, make amazing hair sticks: take a boring librarian bun and turn it into a raging Jedi master bun (or Sith lord, however you roll). The Darth Maul sticks are magnetic, so we stick them to the fridge for storage.

Would I buy these again? Heck yes! I love them. But I will stick to my cheap bamboo chopsticks for actual eating.

If you use these for Eating Sushi you can show the world your true Jedi Skills!  If you whip these out to Eat a Steak you can show the world you’re a Jedi Master! 

If you are a Star Wars Fan or know somebody that is, these Lightsaber Chopsticks are more than just for eating food, you can have your own Epic Mini Lightsaber Battles! Out geek anyone else around you by eating Cheetos out of the bag with these, or if you want to be the envy of everyone around you YOU NEED THESE!  

Kotobukiya Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks

Kotobukiya Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks These are the perfect way to Geek Out! Not only do you get a set of Star Wars Lightsaber chopsticks, but you get a second pair as well!

This means that you can have EPIC battles at the dinning room table!

Have you ever eaten Cheetos with Chopsticks? You will now! There is no sense in limiting what you eat with chopstick to just rice and sushi why not eat EVERY Meal with them? Fried Chicken? Not a problem! Soup? Not a problem! Hamburger? Just use the FORCE!

Make sure you Buy Yours Today!

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found them to be really cool firstly and to try them out, stirfry was my choice and they worked just perfect, little bit different to start with but then thats the piont, cleaned them as instructed and ready to eat again, cracking gift!


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