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Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia

Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia

Doctor Who Character EncyclopediaDoctor Who Character Encyclopedia

The Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia is simply Amazing, some might even call it Superb. It is a great reference book for all of the Doctor’s fans out there form full blown Whovians to people who are just getting introduced to the good Doctor.  You can browse through it thinking of people you know that remind you of the Doctor Who characters, thinking about how great the show is, or just remembering your favorate episodes. This is a very impressive book that was released for the 50th anniversary  for all the Doctor Who fans out there young and old. This book is great for fans wanting to know more about the earlier versions of the Doctors, companions and monsters.

Doctor Who Character EncyclopediaDoctor Who Character Encyclopedia

This encyclopedia is filled up with 208 pages filled with Doctors (old and new), characters (friend and foe), and footage from the sets! It’s a great companion to have on the table while watching Doctor Who! The series has a lot to offer from over 50 years of being around. This book is great for finding out more about the Doctor(s) and learning about the history of all the characters. It allows you to see how some of the recent episodes relate to seasons from the past.

For Example:
If you are watching the 10th doctor battle the Sontarans you might want to see their history to fully appreciate everything. This book is loaded with the Classic Who characters, companions, Doctors and monsters! It is a nice reference and just fun to flip through. The Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia is straightforward, informative, and covers an overwhelming majority of characters up to early seventh series! This was released as a beautiful reference book for Doctor Who fans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the oldest sci-fi series on TV, so it had to pack a lot of information in it to keep all of them happy.  It is beautifully done so that it is easy to fallow along with and can be enjoyed by all ages. It chronicles the history of the Doctor from the first one to the eleventh, along with his companions, enemies, and everything in between.

This GREAT encyclopedia is fully loaded up with of all of the major and most of the minor characters that appeared on Doctor Who. You can use it to check out any one of the Doctors, particularly if you are watching the classic series, so you can get to know that doctor better. Just be aware that there is a lot of good information packed in the pages, and some of it may be considered a spoiler (like how all of the previous Doctors regenerate). If you are watching a newer series, it may take several months to catch up with the original series by watching all of the classic episodes, but the Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia does a great job at filling in all of the details for you to understand the Doctor’s history. Whovians young and old will love this encyclopedia completely!

As you’d expect, there are tons of photos throughout, and it’s contemporary is pretty accurate. This book is a nice size, not too bulky, and sits well with other books, on display with all of your other Doctor Who stuff, or sitting on the table for all to see. It comes with a shiny hardcover with text on a shiny metallic silver, it also has a page layout which is clean and easy to read and follow. It is arranged so that the characters are helpfully color coded by kind: Time Lord, human, humanoid, robot etc etc.


All Doctor Who fans will LOVE this!

Doctor Who Daleks vs Cybermen.

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The only real danger, so to speak, is that the show is still going on, so the Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia isn’t completely up to date for a reference book. But for that you would have to wait until the series comes to an end (and none of us wants to see that), or they make a newer Doctor Who Encyclopedia in the futre. So keep in mind that it is a bit dated, but it will still be a joy to flip through. It doesn’t have all of the old creatures like the “ancient” swampies and spiridons or everybody that appeared in all of the episodes, but they do have Axons, Draconians, Ogrons, etc. The encyclopedia is aimed at a younger audience so there isn’t a whole heap of detail on the all of the characters, however there is enough information for someone to learn about the history of Doctor Who and catch up over the past 50 years worth of the show.

Doctor Who Character EncyclopediaDoctor Who Character Encyclopedia

This book is geared for all Whovians, if you’re young, in your teens, or an adult, pretty much everyone who is a fan of the good Doctor. Who am I to discourage you for learning more about him?   Or  for that matter learning about the series, and the rich history that fallows Doctor Who. If you do want to  earn more then I highly recommend this book. Despite the shortcomings it’s a book that you will be quite happy to feature in your collection of Doctor Who memorabilia. So go check out the Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia today, its just what the Doctor ordered!

Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia

Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia The Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia is just what the Doctor ordered! There are over 200 pages of information for everyone who is a fan of the Classic Doctor and the New Doctor. This is a perfect addition to every Whovian's collection. It will entertain you with pages and pages of Doctor Who facts that you can use to astonish your friends! Click the Buy Button Now!

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Each character receives a page with details about their involvements with the Doctor. This is an enjoyable book for new fans and old fans alike.
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