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The New Open Source Revolution

The New Open Source Revolution!

Open Source Ecology

I was thinking to my-self “Glen, what is the most Amazing Thing For Sale that you have seen lately?” Well the most Amazing Thing that I’ve seen lately is more of a new way of looking at business and the world around us. It is a return to the cottage industry. We are finding that with jobs heading over-seas there are people who are looking for solutions with the rise of local production.

We are seeing it with the rise of 3D printing, which is Amazing, soon we will be able to print everything we desire, the cost is still up there for professional printers but there are some printers that you can buy for your home. Some of them for a whopping 4 Grand, some of them are a bit more affordable.

3D printing is an Amazing technology!  One that I really hope expands, and as it does I hope that the price drops as supply and demand both increase.  But that is just the start of the new internet based cottage industry.  What could be more Amazing than 3D printing? The answer is Open Source Ecology.


What makes it so Amazing?  It is being developed to help the world out, it is being developed to spread knowledge, and it is being developed to liberate people!  Open source is all about decentralization of information and letting everyone have access to it.

Right now 3D printing at home can be used for many Amazing things, but not really useful for building tractors or bread ovens.  I studied Globalization and Development while I was in University, so when I see things that really do have a chance to change the world I get excited and I find that this is truly Amazing.

I know what you are thinking, Wow, Glen, this is Amazing! But where can I buy these open source technology tools?” . Well the answer is quite simple, you can get the people working on this project to make something for you, get the plans for free on how to build them and you can do it yourself, or pay someone with the skills to make them for a fraction of the price of buying the equivalent brand new!

The goal of Open Source Ecology is still far off. if you like it and think you would like to support it you can!  You can support it financially, technologically, or intellectually.

But if your not really interested in building your own tractor or bread oven just yet, you can use a 3D printer to build a Giant Spider Robot!

I think that the world is returning back to its roots, returning back to the cottage industry,  this time with a global network of minds working together to really spread ideas.  This revolution is starting with desktop 3D printers and the spread of ideas!


Fabricated: The New World of 3D Printing [Paperback]

Fabricated: The New World of 3D Printing [Paperback] This book explores the future of how the world will be shaped with 3D technologies. It is a must read for anyone who is interested in technology, science, business, or just curious about how the future will look.

This is a fascinating read about how 3D technology will be a major part of our lives in the future. The internet liberated information and freed it for everyone, 3D printing will liberate manufacturing and free it for everyone!

Imagine not having to be dependent on Chinese factories to manufacture the things you own, or not having to drive to the store any more! Now imagine how you can easily replace worn, broken, or hard to find parts for your bike, car, blender, or any other object you have!

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