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The Start of Something Amazing!

How does one start Something Amazing?  One has to start with inspiration.

The other day I was Stumbling and came across some awesome gadgets and accessories, and there was some cool things there.  But it wasn’t until I looked at the comments that I got the flash of inspiration.


Would be great if you would give links to some e-shops where these products might be found.

That’s when it hit me, why not make a site dedicated to finding some of the best things from around the web so they could be in a nice convenient location.  I know that there are other sites out there that are already doing the same thing, but there are still lots of Amazing Things For Sale out there, and most of the sites  seem to have little more content than pictures, maybe a short description (usually just copied from Amazon), and a BUY NOW button.

So I decided that I would set up a website that was not just another affiliate site, but a site dedicated to the Amazing, Awesome, Cool, Interesting, and (Insert your own synonym for Great) things out there that people can buy!  I don’t just want to copy and past ads directly from Amazon, I actually want to have interesting content for you.

This is where you can help me to make this site as Awesome as it can be, leave a comment below to let me know what you really want to see here.

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