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This Wooden iPhone Case is actually Bamboo!

Check out these Amazing Wooden iPhone Cases

Wooden iPone Case for Apple iPhone 4/4S

Looking back to my first post again and the list of 25 Simple Yet Awesome Gadgets and Accessories, I thought I might as well add another instant payday loans instant payday loans form the list. We can see this Wooden iPhone Case (4/4s version), right below the Mini Donut Maker on the list.  I’m not sure yet if I will cover all of the things listed there, but I can see about checking out a few of them.  So lets check out this Wooden iPhone Case.

There are lots of iPhone cases out there, so what would make this Wooden iPhone Case Amazing?  Well the natural feeling and look of wood can’t be replaced by plastic.  This case transforms your iPhone into something unique, something individual, something that looks like a camera.

Besides the natural look and feeling of wood there are a few other benefits that you will notice:

The second thing that you will notice is that it is actually made out of bamboo.  I like this because using bamboo is more sustainable than using wood, so this is a bonus!

The fist thing that you will notice is the design.  It looks cool!  After all isn’t that one of the main purpose of having an iphone case?

There is also this sweet wooden iPhone case if you want to have an iPhone 5.  It is also made out of bamboo, so it also gets the Bonus Marks!


MegaGear Bamboo Case for iPhone 5

If you want an Amazing iPhone Case that is durable and looks cool be sure to check these ones out.  Plus they make your iPhone look like a camera!

MegaGear Bamboo Case for iPhone 5

MegaGear Bamboo Case for iPhone 5 This stylish Bamboo case will protect your iPhone 5 while making it look cool at the same time!

Bamboo is a great renewable medium! It is a fast growing plant that is strong and resistant. It is very much like wood but because it grows faster it is more renewable!

This case is carved out in the shape of a camera making it look wicked while you are taking your pictures with it! The natural style, look, and feel of this wooden case will definitely please you!

Distinguish yourself from the rest by having this Amazing Bamboo Case for your iPhone 5 Today!

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This Hard case is made by real Natural Bamboo,with soft velvet interior,protect your iPhone 5 back cover for scratches


[MADE FROM RAW WOOD] Bamboo Case for iPhone 4/4S (Camera)
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Engraved Japanese Painting The Great Wave Off Kanagawa Bamboo Iphone 4 and 4S Case
Handmade Natural Wood Wooden Hard bamboo Case Cover for iPhone 5
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